Airbus confirms 138 coronavirus positives among its workers in Spain and 820 in quarantine

There are also 21 positives and 161 quarantined workers from subcontractors working in the factories.

The aeronautical manufacturer Airbus has confirmed 138 positive cases of coronavirus among its employees at work centers in Spain, while 820 workers are in quarantine for presenting symptoms (147) or for having been in contact with a family member or partner with the disease. or having visited risk areas (673).

By factories, 120 workers have tested positive for coronavirus in Getafe (Madrid); 7 in Illescas (Toledo); 6 in Barajas (Madrid); 3 in San Pablo (Seville) and 2 in Albacete, according to the document transferred by the company to the inter-company committee and to which Europa Press has had access.

Of the total quarantined workers, 147 Airbus employees are confined when presenting symptoms, of which 101 correspond to the Getafe plant; 30 to Decks; 4 to Saint Paul; 11 to Albacete and 1 to Tablada (Seville).

For their part, the remaining 673 are in this situation due to being close to a family member, due to work contact or having been in a risk area.

In addition, the company has also admitted 21 positives in subcontractors in Getafe (13), San Pablo (4) and Barajas (4) – who work within the company’s work centers – and 161 quarantined workers.

«We ask and beg that, please, decisions be made to that effect immediately, before something happens that cannot be remedied. If we do not receive communication in this regard in the immediate term, we will act without delay to protect the health and integrity of the workers «, has warned the committee.

Last week, Airbus stopped production and assembly for four days at its facilities located in Spain and France, an activity that it resumed on Monday.

Given this, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) has announced this Wednesday the call for an indefinite strike on Airbus starting next March 30 in protest at the protection measures applied by the company during the coronavirus health crisis.