Airbnb offers 135,291 tourist places in the Balearic Islands, 10,000 more than the previous year

245 marketers manage 90,248 seats, 66 percent of the total in the Islands

Airbnb has offered 135,291 tourist places in 21,911 establishments on the islands, more than 10,000 places more than a year ago. This was announced this Saturday by the entities Terraferida and DinsAirbnb during a press conference, which on the other hand have presented the results of tourist establishments on islands.

The company Airbnb has managed 92,573 tourist places in Mallorca distributed in 14,670 establishments, 10,118 more places than in August of 2017. Ibiza, however, has presented fewer places than last August. Specifically, this island has offered 27,297 seats for this July, 656 less than in August 2017.

As regards the islands of Menorca and Formentera, the company continues with relatively variable data compared to August 2017. Menorca has a total of 12,824 places and Formentera 2,597, both around 500 places more than in August of the year past. In total, the Balearic Islands has offered 135,291 tourist places in July 2018.

“These data give an idea of ​​the great magnitude of places that are commercialized in Airbnb”, they have indicated from the entity.


Remember that Airbnb in 2016 offered a total of 78,543 seats in Mallorca. However, the first months of 2017 the number of places amounted to 81,901. “The latest data shows a spectacular growth of up to 92,573 places offered,” they said.

Of the 67 municipalities that exist in the Balearic Islands, the supply of seats through Airbnb increased in 2017 in the 50s and decreased only in the remaining 17 municipalities. In Palma, the company increased its presence “notably, going from the 5,291 seats to 7,238, almost two thousand more seats”. In this sense, it was a relevant fact since “with the new tourism law, Aribnb places would have to be lower”, they have justified in the statement.

Airbnb has criticized the part of the population that considers that these rents “harm families” and profit by renting a second or third house “or even the main one”. However, the company has presented its data, stating that this “local vision has been able to transform cities and towns around the world at great speed.”

Currently, the 135,291 tourist places offered by Airbnb are in the hands of the 3,137 marketers. In the islands there are two people or companies, with false names, which market 827 and 356 establishments respectively. There is even Terraferida data that say that a manager manages up to 5,834 seats in the Balearic Islands, “more than many well-known hotel companies.” However, on average each marketer manages 43 places.

The latest searches for Terraferida in 2017 have ensured that of the 10 companies that most traded in the Balearic Islands, most had their headquarters in Germany, the United Arab Emirates or the Netherlands. “Only 20% had headquarters in Mallorca,” he concluded.


Another fact that shows that the business has more and more concentration is that “only 245 marketers manage 90,248 seats”, 66% of the total in the Islands.

“The unstoppable increase of the vacancies via Airbnb also goes hand in hand with the increase of tourist places in the Balearic Islands.If they started the legislature with 424,000 legal seats, when the seats were distributed via PIAT and PTIs they already exceeded the 623,000 allowed according to the tourism law”, They have finished.