Airbnb launches a new tool on June 1 to combat floors without a license

Share data from the accommodation to the City Council

Airbnb will launch on June 1 a tool to combat floors without a license and ask advertisers for a consent so that data such as their name, address and ID can be shared with the City of Barcelona and other local and regional authorities.

As reported by the platform on Monday in a statement, the initiative is part of a new tool to end the offer of tourist accommodation without a license, which seeks to “follow the local rules of tourism in Barcelona and Catalonia.”

The new Airbnb hosts must indicate, before they can share their accommodation, if it must be registered by law, and they will be reminded of the local regulations on tourism, referring them to the frequently asked questions about what the law says about it.Airbnb flats without license

With this initiative, Airbnb seeks to “verify in an easier way that accommodations comply with the law and help eliminate potential bad actors.”

The company has been working on these measures since the summer of 2017, while reviewing the list of users who do not comply with the law identified by the City Council.

According to the general director of Airbnb Marketing Services in Spain, Arnaldo Muñoz, the company agreed last year with the City Council to notify and withdraw users “individually identified by the City Council and notified to Airbnb”.

“The last list delivered is being reviewed according to this process and all the bad actors will be of course withdrawn” for not complying with the general conditions of Airbnb, Muñoz pointed out.


In fact, Muñoz has pointed out that 2,500 advertisements of tourist flats have already been removed since the Consistory began to identify users who did not comply with local regulations.

In addition, he recalled that the company already limited to one the number of floors that may have announced users in the district of Ciutat Vella, unless they share their data publicly.