Airbnb, in talks with New York to reach an agreement on the data law

Airbnb is holding talks with the authorities of the city of New York to resolve a lawsuit on the ordinance that requires the platform to provide data on guests, owners and homes.

The vacation rental platform filed the lawsuit in 2018, along with HomeAway, claiming that the legislation would violate privacy laws, according to Bloomberg.

Last Friday, Judge Paul Engelmayer, of the Federal Court of Southern New York, granted the petition to put the case temporarily on hold, although he has urged both parties to inform the court about the situation in 30 days.

The lawsuit filed by Airbnb in August 2018 referred to the law as an «extraordinary act of government overreach.» About a year ago, Judge Engelmayer issued an order that temporarily blocked the application of the law while the case facing the rental companies of homes and the New York City Council was still ongoing.