Airbnb creates a fund of more than 8 million for the additional expenses of those affected by cancellations in Japan

The Airbnb platform has announced that it will allocate 10 million dollars (8 million euros) to cover the additional expenses of those users who have been affected by the cancellations of accommodation in Japan, before the new Japanese law for the exchange of private homes, known as ‘minpaku’, which forces owners to be registered, and which will enter virgo on June 15.

Airbnb stopped showing 80% of the ads in the country that had not requested and obtained the necessary permission to operate, reducing the number of homes announced in Japan from 62,000 to 13,000.

The platform took this decision in response to a “surprise” notification from the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) sent to the platforms to cancel reservations made through their websites in homes without permission to operate .

The company acknowledges that canceling reservations made in the ads without a license number, “regardless of the difficulties for hosts who were expectant to share their home or for guests excited to travel to Japan,” goes against the information that was available. previously received.

Therefore, Airbnb will automatically cancel and fully refund any reservation of advertisements in Japan that have not obtained their license ten days after the arrival of the guest, unless the Japanese authority decides to modify the rule.

Thus, it will completely refund the amount of the reserves that are canceled by June 15 or after that date, in addition to delivering a coupon of at least 100% of the total reservation to be used in a future trip with the Airbnb platform. The delivery of both will be processed within ten days.


For this, they have created a Response Plan for Travel to Japan, which includes this fund to support travelers, with which they intend to cover the additional expenses of those guests who have booked a trip to the country that has been interrupted by this situation. This fund will be destined to pay the unexpected expenses that the users can find in the search of new accommodation or in the exchange of tickets.

Airbnb will help customers find accommodation that meets their needs through collaboration with the Japanese travel agency JBT, which will provide support to find a new place to stay. In the statement, the company has also announced that it has 24-hour support for all customers who need assistance.

The platform has assured lamented the inconvenience caused to those affected, but believes that the new rules “will be a positive change for Airbnb and its user community in Japan.”