Airbnb collects more than 882 million euros in terms of tourist tax worldwide

Airbnb has raised more than 882 million euros – more than 1,000 million dollars – in terms of tourist tax worldwide in the framework of its collaboration with more than 400 jurisdictions worldwide.

Since 2016, the tourism platform has raised and remitted in Portugal more than 11 million euros and in France, in 2017, 13.5 million euros were raised for this concept, reported Wednesday in a statement.

Airbnb has argued that sharing the home «democratizes income» because it provides an increasingly valuable source of funding for governments, and stressed that they help ensure a process by simplifying the administrative burden for both the hosts and state and local governments .

The tourism platform announced last week an agreement with the Government of Estonia that allows the hosts to automatically declare the income obtained through the platform to the tax authorities and that these are added to the digital income statements.

Airbnb collects and remits tourist rates in several countries, including the United States, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy, among others.