Air France unions threaten four days of work stoppages from June 23

The non-executive president will meet on Thursday with the works council

The inter-union of Air France have announced a new notice of strike of four days from June 23, in the salary dispute that maintains with the direction of the Franco-Dutch group, despite the meeting scheduled for next Thursday with its new president .

At a last-minute meeting on Friday, the ten unions that make up the inter-union of Air France, including the main union of SNPL pilots, decided to announce a strike notice of four days, from June 23 to 26, although it could get up. if the company agree to restart wage negotiations.

The non-executive president of Air France-KLM, Anne-Marie Couderc, will meet for the first time with the airline’s employees on June 14 on an Air France company committee, which will also be attended by the CEO of Air France Franck Terner

Couderc will present to the works council a set of “concrete measures” to respond to the demands of workers in an attempt to stop new strikes, as the air group has advanced, which ensures that the strike “is not compatible” with the interest collective of the company and its concern for its future.

In a brief statement, Air France-KLM notes that Couderc has been meeting since May 15 with the different unions to identify the necessary actions and will continue to do so in the coming weeks, to share their conclusions with the board of directors of Air France with the firm purpose of seeking a way out of the crisis.

According to the newspaper ‘Les Echos’, the measures would be limited to starting a new negotiation phase to try to respond, at least partially, to wage demands.

The company would have offered a wage increase of 3.65% paid in three installments until February, compared to the initial 2% increase for this year and a staggered supplement from 2019 to 2021, linking a growth plan.

The conflict over the improvement of salaries in the airline gala, which caused the departure of Jean-Marc Janaillac at the head of the air group, has generated 15 days of strikes this year between February and May, with a cost for Air France that exceeds 375 millions of euros.

The French government wants to sell part or all of its 14.3% stake in Air France-KLM and has indicated that it will not come to its rescue. AccorHotels has already confirmed its interest in entering the air group. Air France-KLM registered some ‘red numbers’ of 269 million euros in the first quarter, 88% more than in the same period of 2017.