Air France proposes a voluntary redundancy plan for 465 workers

The Air France management will present this Monday to the works council, in an extraordinary meeting, a new voluntary retirement plan for 465 full-time ground staff workers, out of the total of 3,200 workers the group has in its home network, including to its regional subsidiary HOP !.

According to the French newspaper ‘Les Echos’, the plan contemplates that part of the ground staff be reclassified in commercial activities or support to the company in the face of strong competition in the short and medium radio in France caused by the high-speed train – -including destinations such as Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Mulhouse-, the presence of low-cost companies such as easyJet or Ryanair and the increase in Internet sales.

Unions expect the announcement to imply a 15% contraction in activity in its short and medium-haul network in three years, which will require the closure of less frequented connections, fewer frequencies and the use of smaller airplanes in hubs. ‘regional as Bordeaux or Toulouse. However, in this market, that of domestic flights, Air France obtains 20% of the income of business travelers.

Air France-KLM registered some ‘red numbers’ of 320 million euros in the first three months of the year, which is 19% more than in the same period of 2018, due, among other causes, to the rise in the price of fuels, with operating losses of 303 million euros, almost three times more than a year ago.

By companies, Air France recorded an Ebitda of 204 million euros, a decrease of 91 million, with an increase of 4.1% of its turnover, to 3,698 million euros. The operating result of the airline gala was also negative, with a ‘red numbers’ of 256 million euros.

As for KLM, it obtained an Ebitda of 208 million euros (-107 million) and an income of 2,385 million euros, which represents a decrease of 0.1%. The operating result stood at -56 million.

The Franco-Dutch group said it had planned a thousand permanent contracts with a more or less equivalent number of jobs in different areas for 2019 and upcoming years.