Air France offers unions a wage increase of 4% in 2018 and 2019 to achieve social peace

Air France has offered the unions a 4% wage increase for this year and next, in an attempt to resolve the dispute that the airline faces with its workers on account of salaries, frozen since 2011, and that have caused several strikes by personnel of the French airline, between February and May, at a cost of 375 million euros.

This Saturday a meeting was held between the unions and the management of Air France, which proposed an increase of 2% retroactive to January 1 this year and 2% from January 2019, as revealed by the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL). In October 2019, the company proposes to carry out another salary review.

Air France has declined to comment on the offer, reported by the French media, that the company framed in talks with social partners on various issues and «not in a negotiation,» following the arrival of Benjamin Smith as the new CEO of Air France -KLM.

The majority SNPL union among the pilots, who came to claim salary increase of 6%, considers that this new offer «could be appropriate», but warns that the company moves in «a great uncertainty» and that it should consider an increase for over 2% from January, reports the newspaper ‘Les Echos’.

«If in the mind of the company’s administration the 2% increase in January 2019 covers inflation, it would mean that there is practically nothing for the recovery of the lock-up situation from 2012 to 2017.»

The inter-union of Air France, which includes a dozen unions with representation in the French airline, claims a salary increase of 5.1% to offset inflation between 2012 and 2017 and end the wage freeze of the staff since 2011.

The latest proposal from Air France, which was rejected in an online consultation by the majority of the workforce and caused the departure of Jean-Marc Janaillac in May, raised a salary increase of 2% for 2018, as well as a 1, 65% for the 2019-2021 triennium (an accumulated 5%) subordinated to a growth pact.