Air France eliminates its subsidiary Joon and incorporates its operations to the main brand

Air France has announced that it will launch a new project for its subsidiary Joon through which it will incorporate its workers and flights to Air France.

The airline has indicated that “despite the unquestionably positive impacts” of Joon “and, above all, the good work of the team that created it, the brand has been” difficult “to understand by customers, workers, markets and In this way, the company emphasizes that “the multiplicity of brands” has created “complexity and has weakened” the power of the Air France brand.

With the integration of the subsidiary within the main brand, Air France expects to obtain benefits such as the harmonization of the fleet, the products and the brand, in addition to improving the management of operations through a common fleet of aircraft.

All Joon flights that were scheduled so far will be operated until the completion of the process of joining Air France. The company expects this project to be completed without affecting the economic efficiency of the Air France-KLM Group.

Joon started operating in December 2017 as a project aimed at restoring some profitability routes and attracting young clients.