98% of tourists who visit the Costa del Sol value their stay as positive or very positive

The Costa del Sol reinforces once again its positioning in the tourism sector, having obtained high levels of satisfaction in 2018 from its visitors, according to the study carried out by Turismo Costa del Sol in which it analyzes its main motivations.

Specifically, 60 percent of tourists who received the destination last year rated his visit as satisfactory in general areas and 98 percent defined it as positive or very positive.

The main aspects that the tourists of the Costa del Sol declared as more satisfactory were the binomial climate-beaches, followed by gastronomy, hospitality and the environment. Other highlights, also defined as satisfactory by most visitors, were the landscape and nature, tranquility and cleanliness.

The high satisfaction is reflected in the score that the visitors of the Costa del Sol granted to the destination, whose average stood at 8.86 points out of ten. Specifically, the highest grades received aspects such as care and treatment received, with 8.94 points; security, with 8.86 points; the environment / interior, with 8.69 points and the restoration, with 8.66.

The study also reflects a high degree of recommendation, since 98.1 percent of the quota of tourists said they will recommend the destination and seven out of ten said they intend to return in the next ten years.

“The results of this report are an endorsement for the strategy of the Costa del Sol as our commitment to quality tourism, both in supply and demand, is the way in which we have been working for years to differentiate ourselves from other destinations and this allows us to be leaders and encourages us to influence more in this line “, assured the general director of Tourism Costa del Sol, Arturo Bernal in a statement.

The Costa del Sol received in 2018 a total of 12,556,000 tourists, a figure that has been increased by 1.03 percent compared to 2017, being more significant the increase of nationals, which grow approximately four percent.

“This data allows to affirm that 2018 has been the best year in the tourist history of the province of Malaga beating record of visitors,” he said.

Applying the Input-Output methodology, Turismo Costa del Sol estimates that the total impact generated by tourism spending in 2018 is 14,173 million euros, including the indirect and induced production of some 6,470 million euros. This tourist expenditure would have generated some 173,795 jobs.

Regarding the forecast for 2019, Turismo Costa del Sol estimates that during the first quarter of this year there will be a significant growth in the supply of airplane seats to the Málaga Costa del Sol airport, especially in January and February, traditional months of low season, “so it is proven that seasonality continues to break,” he reiterated.