83% of Airbnb guests in Mallorca stay in homes outside traditional tourist areas

83% of the guests of the vacation rental platform Airbnb in Mallorca are accommodated in homes outside traditional tourist areas, according to company data.

In a report published on Tuesday, it is also reflected that there were 0.5 guests hosted through this platform per resident in 2017, compared to 10.2 per resident of the total number of visitors.

Also, they were 5.6 nights of average stay, they made an expense of 130 million euros in local restaurants, 60 million euros in provisions, 50 million in local purchases and invested a total of 40 million euros in local activities.

In the study, which has been conducted on eight of the most popular cities as a travel destination with tourism saturation risk, including Barcelona, ​​Venice and Amsterdam, the data shows that the Airbnb platform “accounts for 7% of total arrivals guests, including those from hotels and cruises. ”

This is 0.37% of guests who use the Airbnb platform by local residents, compared to 5.1 tourists for each local resident, or almost 14 times more visitors who do not stay on Airbnb than those who do. make.

The examples show that the total number of guests per resident exceeds those arriving thanks to Airbnb by 73.8 to 2.2 in Venice; 51.3 to 5.2 in Queenstown (New Zealand) and 10.2 to 0.5 in Mallorca.