68% of US cabin crew has suffered sexual harassment by passengers, according to a survey

68% of cabin crew (TCP) in the United States has suffered some type of sexual harassment throughout their career, according to a study that has been conducted by the Flight Crew Association (AFA, for its acronym in Spanish). English), which represents the collective of the North American country.

The AFA has ensured that the majority of the respondents “do not see any effort on the part of the airlines” to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace during the last year. “The times in which cabin crew were reified must be finished,” AFA president Sara Nelson has denounced.

In addition, the association has focused on the “ramifications” that go beyond harassment of workers. For Nelson, the TCP women are the “first responders” if a problem occurs. In his opinion they would have to “have the confidence that airline executives will support them” if they respond to the harassment that occurs in the passage. ”

35% of the 3,500 surveyed by the AFA affirm that they have suffered verbal sexual harassment by passengers in the last 12 months. Of that figure, 68% have suffered three or more times and 33% five or more times. In the AFA report, the TCPs have denounced that they have suffered “proposals and requests for sexual favors” from the passengers.

Of the respondents, 18% have suffered some type of physical sexual harassment by the airline’s customers. Of those, up to 40% have experienced that type of harassment three or more times in the last 12 months. The respondents report that the most common harassment is that they are cornered to try to give them hugs or kisses. They have also denounced touching.

Of all the group that has suffered some type of harassment, only 7% have reported this to the company.