60% of travelers choose the destination for their food and drink, according to Booking

Travelers seek unforgettable gastronomic adventures, and six out of ten say they choose their travel destinations for food and drink, according to Booking.com, which states that Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil are among the world’s top destinations for Discover the local food.

Gastronomic trips are already a reality, more than a third of international travelers (34%) are thinking about making a trip focused on gastronomy at some point in 2018, and the percentage increases to 40% in the case of ‘millennial’

Almost half of international travelers (49%) would like to take more risks with the type of food they try during the trips, a percentage that increases up to 60% in the case of the ‘millennial’. Local delights can be discovered on trips. In fact, almost two thirds (64%) of international travelers intend to eat more local food in 2018.

Some of the best places to try local cuisine are in Southeast Asia, with delicacies such as dim sum, noodles and pho. That is why the most willing diners to explore new delicacies are from this area, for something 57% of Asians say they want to try dishes from a different kitchen this year.

According to those surveyed by Booking, among the best destinations to try local food is Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Peru, Italy or Serbia.


Another way to taste local food is through street food, in fact more than half of international travelers (51%) would like to look for street food markets this year. More than half of travelers (54%) want to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences when traveling and food trucks are the ideal option to discover them.

The main destinations for these street meals according to the travelers of Booking would be South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Brazil, Morocco, South Korea, United States, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey.

And not only have to eat but show it. Nearly one third of travelers (31%) plan to take more food photos this year, especially for Asian travelers from China (65%), India (57%), Thailand (53%), Indonesia (50%) and Hong Kong (48%).