50% of travelers say they would not mind being served by an artificial intelligence, according to Booking

80% say they prefer to look for information themselves

50% of travelers say they would not mind being served through chatbots, voice chats or instant messages based on artificial intelligence that respond to different queries whenever they answer their questions, according to the website Booking.com.

The hotel rental website points out that, in the case of travel, the ‘chatbots’ offer a fast customer service and can report many types of issues: from the time you are going to do, to the transportation options in the city.

Thus, according to a recent survey of Booking, in which 18,509 people from around the world participated, revealed that 80% of travelers prefer to access the information they need themselves, and that half (50%) gives Like interacting with a human or a computer as long as you answer your questions.

“This means that the travel industry has to adopt this technology quickly to meet the growing demand,” says Booking, which believes that consumers “have already made up their minds”.


The hotel rental website has Booking Assistant, a program based on Artificial Intelligence that is responsible for resolving the doubts of travelers related to the post-booking phase, from payment to transportation, arrival and departure times, changes of dates and availability of WiFi.

“Booking Assistant is able to manage almost half of these doubts automatically, which translates into greater comfort, reliability and speed for business travelers, whose busy schedules require accurate and fast customer service,” says Booking.

However, while Booking claims that chatbots are capable of managing “huge amounts” of information that a human would take much longer to process, he admits that human interaction still has a role to play.

“If the Booking Assistant identifies a question that it can not answer on its own, it asks for help from its customer service team or accommodation, depending on which is the most appropriate option,” they explain.