5 compelling reasons to travel by bus

There are many reasons to travel by bus according to Omio, the main search and booking platform for train, bus and plane travel in Europe. It is not surprising that more and more people opt for this means of transport to sail the asphalt seas that connect cities and towns around the world.

The availability, the price or the inspiring result of the landscape behind its wide window are some of the reasons that undoubtedly make the bus the ideal vehicle to travel long distances.

The price

The word bus (omnibus) comes from the Latin omnis, which means «for all.» And is that the bus, by definition, is a means of transport that was designed so that everyone can go there, either for a matter of cost or space. Thus, the price of the ticket is not only lower than that of the train or plane, but it is usually kept stable, eliminating the risk of becoming more expensive as time passes.

 On-board services

Gone are the times when the bus was a giant rectangle with four wheels to store your body to go from point A to point B and where there was never much to do except wait. Today buses are increasingly frequent with individual screens that offer series, movies, music or podcasts that make the trip more enjoyable and, even, depending on our involvement with the multimedia content, that make the journey your own destination.

In addition, the most modern buses already offer free Wi-Fi, plugs to charge our mobile devices or, even, snacks and refreshments that we can enjoy while watching a series.

Mobility sustainability

One of the great advantages of traveling by bus is that it is a means of transport that promotes a sustainable mobility and respectful of the environment because, among other things, the most current models have already incorporated fuels that emit less CO2 into the atmosphere , like biodiesel. In addition, passengers find it increasingly practical to purchase tickets digitally without the need to waste paper.

Comfort and speed

That the bus is a slow and uncomfortable means of transport is a myth that increasingly has less credibility … The new soft and reclining seats, as well as the multiple services on board previously mentioned make the bus trip an absolutely relaxing experience. Likewise, there are not a few European capitals that can be reached by bus rather than by plane; for example, from Amsterdam to Brussels, from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf or from Brussels to Paris.

The romanticism

The cruising speed, the panoramic view offered by its window, or the itinerary of the world’s roads, make the bus the preferred space for those who want to enjoy the cultural and natural landscape in motion in a definition superior to that of any television

In addition, the bus offers something that is scarce today: time. Time for one. To read. To talk to an old friend. For study. Time, too, to leave the mind blank and rest. The bus is a parenthesis, a capsule that takes us out of the stress and the daily hustle and reconciles us with ourselves and our surroundings.

In this way, the journey to our destination does not have to be a heavy and tedious process, on the contrary. Thus, it has become clear that there are several reasons why traveling by bus seems a more enriching experience than doing it on the back of any other means of transport.