44% of tourists use the Internet during their holidays to share photos and videos of the Canary Islands

44 percent of tourists who visited the Canary Islands during the third quarter of the year used the Internet, either through their mobile phones or tablets, to share photos and videos of their stay in the islands, according to data released Wednesday for some days organized to publicize the main novelties in the tourism statistics carried out by the Istac.

In the days, inaugurated by the director of the Istac, Juan Jesus Ayala, this and other indicators were presented that will be included in the tourism statistics, in addition, new operations that will complement the catalog of the Institute. An example of a new indicator is the use of the Internet made by visitors during their stay on the islands. The closure was in charge of the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government, Cristóbal de la Rosa.

Juan Jesús Ayala stressed that these improvements have been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Vice-Ministry of Tourism, the cabildos and the Island Tourism Board, Promotur and the public universities of the Canary Islands.

The director highlighted in his speech that one of the most important novelties is the new methodology of the Tourist Expenditure Survey, the result of the questionnaire change that allows to expand the information that is offered. In addition, from now on, the estimation of the type of accommodation is improved, so that it is possible to identify, for example, the visitors who stay in a dwelling by exchange.

Also, Ayala announced that Istac will offer from 2019 data from Frontur Canarias and Turistic Expenditures for La Gomera and El Hierro and will improve those from the island of La Palma, so that the information will be comparable with the rest of the archipelago, thus fulfilling with a vindication of the cabildos of those islands.

Both Juan Jesús Ayala and the Deputy Minister of Tourism Cristóbal de la Rosa, stressed that this expansion of Frontur Canarias to the two islands is an “excellent news” for operators and public and private agents, as well as for the Canary Islands because, for the first time , the official tourist reception statistics will be available throughout the archipelago with comparable and accredited data that will produce proven information and with the necessary rigor on the tourists that visit the islands.

For his part, the vice-councilor highlighted the work carried out thanks to the Mixed Unit of Methodology and Public Statistical Research Istac-ULL, which crystallizes in the tourist entrance projections and is “of vital importance to allow the decisions made in the sector are better from now on, “he said in reference to another of the news that will allow to know the projection of arrival of tourists in the next six months.

According to Cristóbal de la Rosa, “the work being carried out by the Istac with the Survey of Tourist Expenditure and Frontur in the Canary Islands is essential and without it we could not move forward: an excellent, cutting-edge and innovative work, the basis of our tourism knowledge” .

Finally, the Deputy Minister insisted on the importance for the tourism sector of having statistical analysis based on data obtained and processed properly, because “that is the only way to generate valuable information on which to build the knowledge necessary to maintain the Canary leadership “.