40% of European hotel reservations for Easter are for Spain, according to TravelgateX

41% of hotel reservations that have been made from Europe to enjoy the holidays of Holy Week between April 17 and 21 are destined for Spain, according to the tourist booking company TravelgateX that ensures that more than half of the Reservations have been made by citizens of Spanish nationality.

The data shows that the percentage of reservations has increased by 107% compared to last year, with the average accommodation between three and four nights.

The average cost per traveler to enjoy this holiday of Easter is around 398 euros, representing a decrease of 1.4% over the previous year

Spaniards and English continue to occupy the first and second place in terms of reserves, unchanged from last year. The novelty is that in 2019 Chinese visitors rise six positions in the ranking thus increasing the reserves in Spain over the previous year. The Italians also rise a position in the ranking, which apparently increases their reserves.

The most reserved destinations in Spain for this Holy Week are Andalucía, Cataluña, Canarias, Baleares, or Valencia. As a novelty highlights the rise of reserves in Catalonia and the decline in the Canary Islands.

The nationalities that make the most reservations in Spain, apart from the Spanish, are the English, Italians, Chinese and Germans. These last two nationalities have risen six and four positions over the previous year.

Couples travel the most (45.77%), followed by families (26.09%) who have also risen one place compared to the previous year, while trips organized in groups decrease. While the solo trips remain the same as the previous year.