100 million jobs in the tourism sector are at risk from the coronavirus

The travel and tourism industry could lose up to 100.8 million jobs due to the coronavirus crisis, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which increased the number of people from 75 million to 100 million. jobs that are at risk of disappearing globally, due to the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The figure, based on WTTC estimates, is based on the fact that in the last four weeks unemployment in companies dedicated to this activity has increased by more than 30%.

The President and CEO of the WTTC, Gloria Guevara alerted the G20 Tourism Ministers of this critical situation, during a virtual conference in which it was said that 75% of jobs at risk are precisely in the countries belonging to this select group of nations.

The WTTC analysis also shows a sharp escalation in economic loss to the world economy, which could reach as much as $ 2.7 trillion (2.48 trillion euros) of global Gross Domestic Product.

The strong impact of the Covid-19 crisis has led to the loss of more than a million jobs every day in the travel and tourism sector globally.

Gloria Guevara stated that «this is an amazing and deeply worrying change in a short time. In the last month alone, our research shows a 25 million increase in the number of jobs lost from jobs in the sector. The pandemic is ending all the tourism cycle «.

«We have alerted the G20 Tourism Ministers to the extent of the crisis, and we advise them on how governments must intervene quickly to support and protect our sector, through policies of fiscal flexibility, preferential credits and supports that guarantee preservation of jobs, «he added.

Guevara assured that the travel and tourism sector is the backbone of the global economy, and without it, nations will have difficulties to recover significantly «and hundreds of millions of people will suffer enormous financial and mental damage in the coming years» .

The Travel and tourism industry contributes 10.3% of world GDP, is responsible for generating one in four of the world’s new jobs and, for nine consecutive years, has outpaced the growth of the world economy.